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Flat Rock Family Health Center

A department of Margaret R. Pardee Memorial Hospital



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Advanced Patient Centered Medical Home 

Pardee Flat Rock Family Health Center provides quality health care for you and your family by incorporating advanced concepts into primary care such as same-day appointments, e-visits, and group medical visits. Group medical visits help patients with chronic medical conditions, including diabetes and weight loss, by providing peer support. Our goal is to provide you with a medical home and make you the center of your health care team.

Pardee Flat Rock Family Health Center offers an advanced patient centered medical home, which means a true partnership between patients and their health care providers to ensure all aspects of care are effectively managed and coordinated. Patients are encouraged to establish a medical home to manage their chronic health conditions and prevent avoidable complications. Patients have access to non-urgent medical advice through email and telephone consultations with their physician and share access to their medical information through our secure Web site.



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